SOB's Mentors

Experienced opera professionals, orchestra musicians and soloists gladly support SOB's singers and musicians in word and deed.

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Stage direction: Doris Sophia Heinrichsen
Scenery and costumes: Jens Hübner

Vocal / Singers

Masterclass: Angelika Kirchschlager
Tutor and répétiteur: Beate Roux
Vocal coach (Italian for opera): Caterina Galiotto
Application coach: Franziska Severin
Talent coach: Franziska Hunke

Instrumental music

Strings: Daniela Helm (Freiburger Barockorchester)
Woddwinds: Dr. Claire Genewein (Barockorchester La Cetra)
Horns: Christoph Eß (Solohorn Bamberger Symphoniker)
Brass: Harry Ries (Orchestre des Champs-Elyséese e.a.)
Timpani: Robert Cürlis (Princ. Timpani, Bamberger Symphoniker)
Percussion: Jens Herz (Princ. Percussion, Bamberger Symphoniker)

Chamber music

Woodwinds: N.N.
Strings: Ulrich Witteler (Principal Cellist Bamberger Symphoniker)


Choir direction: Lorenzo da Rio

Conductor and Artistic director

Till Fabian Weser